About A-ccelerator & Startupbootcamp

A-ccelerator is a Dutch Start-up Accelerator founded by Patrick de Zeeuw and Ruud Hendriks both long term (new) media entrepreneurs with a strong international track record of building traditional and new media companies. Both Patrick and Ruud love building enterprises and working with young energetic Start-up teams. In 2011 they decided to set up A-Ccelerator to help start-ups in line with the Techstars philosophy “Do More Faster” by creating a startup Eco-system of top national and international tech mentors, seed investors,  angels, sponsors and a start-up alumni network.

Recently Patrick & Ruud became new Board members of the Startupbootcamp and agreed with Startupbootcamp CEO Alex Farcet that A-ccelerator will organize Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. Check out Startupbootcamp.org for more information or click on image below.

Applications for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam are open until 24th January. The 3 month Accelerator program has 10 spots available for high potential local & international startups. The program will run from 31st March ’14 – 26th June ’14. For more information visit Startupbootcamp.org.

Ruud and Patrick are both mentors at Startupbootcamp In Copenhagen, Dublin and Madrid and at IBM Smartcamp.


What startups say about Patrick & Ruud:

Yaniv Presler  CEO PlayerDuel

When you find a mentor that understands the business in 30 seconds you know that he is the one. To find a good mentor is like finding a wife or even a co-founder for your startup. We met Patrick De Zeeuw in the first week of SBC Copenhagen, and like I said he understood the business and the potential in less than 30 seconds. I’ve looked at Nir (my partner) and we know that he is the one. Now this is not bullshit, we met with more than 50 mentors in the past 3 month.

Every Skype call with Patrick was very professional and all the feedbacks and intros that he made for us were great.

Jose Simoes CEO

“While participating at StartupBootcamp I had the pleasure to meet both Ruud and Patrick at a mentoring session. From that day I knew I had to have them on board of our project. After a couple follow-up talks and without noticing, I was amazed by their practical and hands-on sense of cooperation. Now sitting at our Advisory Board, they provide high-quality strategic support, as well as high-level networking opportunities.”



Ramon Recuero Moreno CEO

“Patrick is not a common advisor.  Not only he can connect you with endless professionals and investors or help you refining your business model and strategy, but his extremely positive attitude and energy makes you think anything is possible. And that support is key for a startup. We are really grateful and proud of having Patrick on ou Advisory Board”





Eddie & Steve Salazar C0-founders

The Dittit team was working late one night, and in walk two guys that we don’t know. They instantly sit down and start asking us about our project. Within minutes they are giving us great feedback, suggestions, and offering to introduce us to people from their network. This was the first time we met Patrick and Ruud, and they have been involved in our startup ever since.
They have proven over and over again that any involvement by Ruud or Patrick in your startup brings real value. They have accelerated us in many ways, and have introduced us to partners, major vendors, and investors.


Jamie, co-founder @ uSpeak

Patrick stood out as one of the most engaging mentors on the SBC Madrid roster. Not only was his level of enthusiasm second-to-none, but it was clear from the beginning that he was able to offer a level of insight that can only come from real, tangible experience. Patrick consistently showed himself willing to go out of his way to help in any way possible, even a Sunday morning meeting on a weekend trip to Amsterdam.He’s got all of credentials to make him the ideal host for StartupBootcam Amsterdam, highly recommended!