Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni Class of 2013 and 2012


In June 2013, 9 teams from 8 different countries graduated from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam class of 2013. There startups were chosen from over 500 applications and pitched over 20 times to +60 mentors in our Selection Days. 3 Months after that, they were pitching in a room full of investors, The Vice President of the European Commission, Ms. Neelie Kroes and Her Majesty The Queen Máxima.

Check out our amazing Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class of 2013:


7Write (Australia) – This team are developing great tools for authors. Publish to all the popular e-book formats in less than 7 seconds with just one click.



AliveShoes (Italy) – The gateway to the talents of the largest cluster of shoemakers on the planet- Italy’s Shoe Valley. Design, create, produce and sell your own sneakers & shoes to a global market. Tap into the creativity of the finest designs anywhere.


Fuel (Netherlands) – FUEL is the online platform where startups and business ventures from around the world are matched to investors and companies.


iLost (Netherlands) – Online solution for lost & found. iLost reunites owners with their belongings in 3 steps via our website and the iLost location based App. For companies we are the partner to take care of their lost & found service. I lost – you found – we match!


Kinems (Greece) – Designing innovative Microsoft Kinect games for children with learning disabilities. Cloud-based solutions for schools, therapy centres and parents. Learn, Play, Improve.


Presentain (Canada & Ukraine) – The new way to share ideas and presentations with engaged audiences. Platform agnostic, Presentain is a complete solution before, during and after your performance.


Swogo (United Kingdom) – The simplest way to make the best purchase decision for a wide range of electronic devices. Insights in an instant.

Teach 'n Go-01

Teach ‘n Go (Cyprus) – Cloud based Student Information System for teacherpreneurs (teachers running their own teaching business). It saves the teacher more than half the time he spends on administration and allows him to focus on what he does best… teaching.


Twoodo (France) – Twoodo is developing a task-oriented discussion board to help dynamic teams and individuals collaborate effectively using twitter-like tags. We’ve been called “Twitter on steroids for companies” or “a whatsapp for companies”.





In March 2012, 10 fantastic start-ups were chosen out of a total of 400 to take part in the first Startupbootcamp program in Amsterdam, which concluded end of September. Investors’ Demo Day in July was an amazing opportunity for the teams to pitch to top angel investors and venture capitalists for funding.
Are you curious who the start-ups are? Below you can find step by step introductions to our great 10 winners.


Team: Odera Ume-Ezeoke, Zoe Hoster, Martin Brehovsky
From: The company is based in the UK. Each of us is from a different part of the world, though! Odera is from the UK, and grew up in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. Zoe is from California, and Martin is from Slovakia.
Viewsy brings the power of web analytics to the physical world. Imagine you’re a local restaurant and you offer a two-for-one special. You see traffic spike during the campaign, but do any of those customers return to pay full price? Or imagine you’re a fashion retailer. Does putting a red dress or a blue dress in the window attract more customers inside? With Viewsy, bricks-and-mortar retailers can track their customer behavior, giving definitive answers to the myriad strategy questions they face. Our sensors detect anonymous signals from mobile phones, providing metrics such as numbers of new and repeat customers, dwell time, how often customers return, and their paths in-store. What you can measure, you can manage: retailers who understand these metrics can attract more customers and extract more value from each customer.

FlixFit from Poikos

Team: Eleanor Watson (MD), David Evans (CTO)
From: Birmingham, UK
We created a patent-pending tech for imaging people in 3D, with accurate measurements, using simple hardware such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. We’re taking this into the e-commerce market, matching people to garments which fit them, finally ending the 25% – 40% returns rates common in e-commerce today. We are now in private beta, with a public launch set for December 12th 2012.


Team: Devjyoti Patra, Vishwanath Katharki
From: India
Semantic search and discovery in large data sets. We’re reinventing search for enterprise, especially focussing on finding content over different platforms.

Scrap Connection

Team: Chris Yerbey (US): CEO, Ashwani Dutt (IN): Sales Director Asia, Deepak Dhiman (IN): Sales Asia, Johan Smit (NL): Sales US/EU, Oscar Simons (NL): Financials/ Due Diligence
From: Our team is an international team. We are from 3 different cultures and time zones.
Scrap Connection is a marketplace for the global trade of scrap metal between scrap processors and mills, and a community fostering the creation and growth of business relationships between the decision makers worldwide.

Local Sensor

Team: Jetze van Bijma, Rob van Buuren
From: The Netherlands
It seems to be really hard to get relevant information on a mobile phone. And that is exactly why we came up with Local Sensor. To make it possible to be relevant when you advertise on mobile. We do mobile audience targeting. Our solution is like ZIP-code or Postal Code targeting for where you really are. And its dynamic, changing as you navigate through your day.


Team: Phuong DO (CEO), Martin van Spanje (CTO)
From: Haarlem, the Netherlands
LayerGloss is an easy way to make great iPad and iPhone publications without any technical knowledge. With our drag & drop system anyone can now make great content-driven apps and have them release in the App Store™. We offer both template based and custom apps, so you can manage the content inside your app yourself.


Team: Duncan Bloem, Matthijs te Winkel
From: Haarlem, The Netherlands
Mipagar is the new pay-per-use subscription billing solution. We make the complex and recurring invoice process easy! Our Software-as-a-Service billing application is used by companies that want to sell their products and services through subscription plan based revenue models.


Team: Ivo Minjauw (CEO), Kristof Leroux (CTO)
From: Belgium
SocialExpress is an online tool that sends reports to the responsible persons when we monitor a shift in sentiment or traffic on social media concerning your brand. Using those reports you can take preventive actions using our very efficient social media management workflow.


Team: Pablo Valcárcel (CEO), Tanausú Cerdeña (CTO), Jennifer Vela (CMO), Yurena García-Hevia (COO), Yeray Callero (Chief Mobile Engineer)
From: Spain
Mobile gaming is growing at double digit speeds, but developers are still on the dark when it comes to knowing where and when their games are being played. Geosophic’s platform provides them the much needed mobile behavior metrics. With this increased understanding of their userbase they’re able to get better conversion rates and monetize better their in-game advertising.


Team: Andrew Olszewski, Michał Sokołowski
From: Poland
We create computer games, in which the player controls his own body movements. He or she sees themselves on the TV screen or monitor. The games encourage people to make moves that are designed to strengthening different muscle groups. We use the web camera and the Microsoft Kinect sensor. Our company is business-to-business, addressing the very specific needs of the healthcare industry: hospitals, rehabilitation centres, physiotherapy practices. We’re getting excellent feedback and positive reports from the professionals.Doctor Kinetic is a revolution in this sector: changing boring exercises into an interactive experience which is both motivating and fun! Patients forget about their problems and concentrate on playing games! Software drives the therapy session, which relieves the therapists from the everyday, monotonous operations. It allows them to take on more patients if they want!


Startupbootcamp for all Tech Start-ups !

We help local and international start-ups to accelerate themselves by providing them access to our program and international Start-up Eco-system existing of 500+ international Tech mentors, an alumni network, sponsors, angel & seed investors. Startupbootcamp Amsterdam will be open for local and international Startups who can sent in their applications from 28th of November 2011 until 6 February 2012. This means you can apply for the Accelerator program in Amsterdam for 10 weeks. We encourage all Startups to apply as soon as you feel you are ready for it, so we have time to get to know each other over these 10 weeks. The more you engage with us and show you are able to make great progress the higher your chances are to be picked as one of the 10 selected Startups that will enter the program.

After a first round of selections the 15 most potential Start-ups will be invited to Amsterdam for 1 day. During this day we and several of the program mentors will conduct interviews with you and your team. After this day we will select the 10 most potential Start-ups which will participate in the Start-up Accelerator program which we start on 2cd April 2012.

We provide every participating Start-up:

  • €15.000 funding per participating Start-up
  • 100+ highly motivated mentors in Amsterdam, excess to 300+ top mentors in the StartupBootcamp network in Europe and 500+ mentors in the USA through our partnership with Techstars in the USA
  • An inspirational office for 3 months for free, which can be extended to 6 months
  • Access to 500+ seed VC’s and angel investors in Europe and USA

If you consider yourself to be a high potential Start-up, are extremely motivated and would love to live for 3 months in Amsterdam please sent your contact details & information about your Start-up to You can also follow one of the links below;