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If you’re thinking of applying for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2014, then get the tips and tricks from some of the 2013 and 2012 alumni on how this accelerator program can best help your business. We asked to our alumni to explain how the Amsterdam Startupbootcamp program accelerated their business and what they recommend new applicants to do.




In Their Own Words
Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Class of 2012


Eleanor Watson is CEO of Poikos. Their launch service is called Flixfit. And the efforts are starting to pay off – bigtime.

“Startupbootcamp and its team of mentors has rocketed us to unimaginable heights in a single season. We’re on a sure path to growth thanks to their input. And the success has continued after Demo Day. We won two major awards in October. We won the regional heat at  IBM Innovation competition Smartcamp in Amsterdam. And then we took Vienna at the Pioneers festival. “

Eleanor explained that their international team has been hard at work over the summer refining their technology and tweaking algorithms to make it “even more accurate and robust”. They’ve made their Flixfit software immune to some of the imperfections found in cheaper consumer hardware in smartphones and webcams. She says that since Demo Day back in July, there has encouraging interest from several on-line retailers and investors in Europe and South Asia. They are currently taking part in a private beta trial in preparation for a public launch at 1212 on December 12th 2012 ( the day all the important numbers will fit into place!)

Size Does Matter – The Poikos Story

Doctor Kinetic

Andrzej Olszewski is the co-founder of Doctor Kinetic. He and his team drove from Poland to be part of Startupbootcamp in 2012.

Andrzej Olszewski (centre) is the CEO with a Licence to Heal

“It was made very clear to us at the start that this is an accelerator programme, not an incubator. There have been many schemes in the past where start-ups have got cheap office accommodation for a short period so they can try out their idea. But this is very different. This is an organised programme with a clear deadline. If you’re selected, then Statupbootcamp actually takes a 8% equity stake in each of the ten companies. We got a small amount of seed capital, enough to pay living expenses in Amsterdam for a few months. Our terrific office facility is offered for free for six months as part of the deal. That means we can really focus on our objective – to take our idea from first class to world class in 90 days. I like the serious business climate in Amsterdam. People are forthright, they say what they mean. ”

“Perhaps the most important value of the programme is the fact that we get access to more than 150 local and international mentors who work with us on our projects. There are similar SBC schemes in Dublin, Berlin, and Copenhagen in addition to Amsterdam. We can tap into those mentors too if needed. Once we got through the selection process, these people turn from judges into coaches. The quality of the support is unbelievable and in fact it’s the only way to accelerate this fast. You learn very quickly that you have to test the market for your idea. It is quite often the case that a company realizes their idea does not match what the market needs and so you have to “pivot”. That means rethinking the approach, sometimes going back to basics. But the brainstorming sessions are magic.”

Social Express

Ivo Minjauw, is the CEO of  SocialExpress. Their team originally came from Belgium but now have their headquarters in the west of Amsterdam.

Ivo Minjauw at Demo Day 2012

Ivo is clear about the value of acceleration. “Startupbootcamp is the perfect place to validate and tweak your idea to grow it to a potential million dollar business. Before you even think about applying, you have to be totally honest with yourself. You must be committed 24/7 to building a business. And I mean really committed. If your business is only a vague idea or direction – and you’re the only person with those thoughts scribbled on the back of a beermat – you’re not ready. Why? Because you’re idea is going to tested like never before. Regardless of whether you get into that particular program, you need to be able to explain to anyone how and why your company will succeed. If you have even a shadow of doubt, the mentors and investors will find it.”

Ivo has written several blogposts about his experiences in Amsterdam from which we extracted the quote above. You can find more in this excellent  insight into what startups for 2013 should consider before even dreaming of sending in an application.

Viewsy – Holy Grail of Retail

Viewsy, is another Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumnus for 2012.

This startup from the UK is currently rolling out in Amsterdam. Odera Ume-Ezeoke is their founder and CEO. They are working on technology that’s been described by several Amsterdam and London mentors as the “Holy Grail of Retail”. They gave a brilliant pitch of their technology during a Demo Day held on July 6th 2012. They use clever sensors in stores to track customer behaviour. Its all anonymous. But it helps store owners understand how people are shopping and what’s working and not working.  They are currently doing trials in the Netherlands including a great piece of work in the Amsterdam Ajax Football stadium.

Viewsy has also booked successes in start-up competitions since Demo Day. They recently won the regional IBM Smartcamp finals in London. Zoё Hoster is Business Development Manager at Viewsy.
“During the twelve weeks of Startupbootcamp, we attracted our first customers (one is a FTSE 100 company), a solid round of investment and built a strong support network. Most importantly, we gained the confidence that we can handle any business challenge. We’re now establishing an office in London alongside our activities in the Netherlands.” Zoё Hoster, Viewsy.

Scrap Connection Launches at the Stock Exchange

Scrap Connection launched their new platform from the floor of the Amsterdam Stock Exchange on July 12th 2012. Several Startupbootcamp Mentors helped to make this possible.

Johan Smit outside Netherlands Stock Exchange

Johan Smit, Scrap Connection

“Startupbootcamp is just what you need if you have these key success factors: a great team, a great idea and the drive to go for it. Startupbootcamp gives you the tools and network to get things done in a short period of time!”


This established company, based in Haarlem, just west of Amsterdam, was recently voted one of the top ten start-ups in Europe by WIRED UK magazine (August 2012 issue). Phuong Do, is CEO of  Layergloss. Speaking in November 2012, she had several updates.

“Startupbootcamp was an excellent career move. I gained a lot of confidence in presenting, since English is not my mother tongue. Other members of the team also benefited from a wide range of coaching. Our work certainly got accelerated too!’ I’m delighted that within three months of Demo Day, we got funded for half a million dollars! Funding is nice to have to grow your team and to develop your technology further, but it is even more important is to have clients.
In addition to the ones we’ve already signed up during the Startupbootcamp program, we’ve signed an exclusive deal with Big Balloon publishers. They are the market leader in the Netherlands when it comes to Children’s magazines. They are the publisher behind: My little Pony, Dora & Diego, Sprookjesboom from de Efteling, Ernst Bobbie and much more. Our platform is developing too - add gaming features. And the great news is that not only LayerGloss is being acknowledged for example by Wired as one of the hottest startup in the Netherlands but also our clients win prizes with apps they created with our platform. In October 2012, Toronto based  Wondereur won the Canadian Online Publishing Award in the category ‘Best tablet edition’. We’re proud of them!”

Geosophic – Gaming with a Different Insight on the Audience

Geosophic is the new gaming platform that allows you to get behaviorial analytics from your players while offering them new engagement triggers in the form of geolocated leaderboards. Originally from Spain, Geosophic is now also active in the Netherlands and the UK.

Pablo Valcárcel, CEO, Geosophic. “Being part of Startupbootcamp gave us credibility. It also gives you access to the big names in our line of business. We found that many people knew about the tough selection procedure to get in. So, once they knew we were in, they took any request for information and help very seriously. “

Pablo Valcarcel, CEO Geosophic

 Yeray Callereo, Chief Mobile Officer at Geosophic “Our startup is like a seed and our effort is the water to make it germinate and grow. Startupbootcamp is the vitamin to help you to grow bigger, faster and with a firm root in the soil.”

Yeray Callereo  Chief  Mobile Officer

Yurena Garcia-Hevia Mendizabal, Chief Operations Officer, Geosophic “Come to Amsterdam and meet the whole world! You’ll reach customers you would never dream of, benefit from the wisdom of experienced professionals. Of course, there will be the disappointments, you will pivot, you will lose some sleep, but you will learn (a lot!). You will have fun, you will meet great fellow startups . And all that effort will be worth it!”

Yurena,Garcia-Hevia Mendizabal  COO Geosophic

Apply Now!

These are just some of the reasons to consider applying to Europe’s top flight accelerator program. Apply now by clicking this link. Good luck!


Yaniv Presler  CEO PlayerDuel

When you find a mentor that understands the business in 30 seconds you know that he is the one. To find a good mentor is like finding a wife or even a co-founder for your startup. We met Patrick  in the first week of Startupbootcamp Copenhagen, and like I said he understood the business and the potential in less than 30 seconds. I’ve looked at Nir (my partner) and we know that he is the one. Now this is not bullshit, we met with more than 50 mentors in the past 3 month.

Every Skype call with Patrick was very professional and all the feedbacks and intros that he made for us were great.


Jose Simoes, CEO

While participating at StartupBootcamp I had the pleasure to meet both Ruud and Patrick at a mentoring session. From that day I knew I had to have them on board of our project. After a couple follow-up talks and without noticing, I was amazed by their practical and hands-on sense of cooperation. Now sitting at our advisory board, they provide high-quality strategic support, as well as high-level networking opportunities.


Ramon Recuero Moreno, CEO

“Patrick is not a common advisor.  Not only he can connect you with endless professionals and investors or help you refining your business model and strategy, but his extremely positive attitude and energy makes you think anything is possible. And that support is key for a startup. We are really grateful and proud of having Patrick as a mentor and member of our Advisory board.


Eddie & Steve Salazar Co Founders

The Dittit team was working late one night, and in walk two guys that we don’t know. They instantly sit down and start asking us about our project. Within minutes they are giving us great feedback, suggestions, and offering to introduce us to people from their network. This was the first time we met Patrick and Ruud, and they have been involved in our startup ever since.

They have proven over and over again that any involvement by Ruud or Patrick in your startup brings real value. They have accelerated us in many ways, and have introduced us to partners, major vendors, and investors.

Jamie, co-founder @ uSpeak

Patrick stood out as one of the most engaging mentors on the SBC Madrid roster. Not only was his level of enthusiasm second-to-none, but it was clear from the beginning that he was able to offer a level of insight that can only come from real, tangible experience. Patrick consistently showed himself willing to go out of his way to help in any way possible, even a Sunday morning meeting on a weekend trip to Amsterdam.He’s got all of credentials to make him the ideal host for StartupBootcam Amsterdam, highly recommended!