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Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Demo Day Recap

July 29, 2013 in News

On June 28th 2013, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam finished its 3 month program with a very intensive and successful Demo Day!

9 startups from 8 different countries pitched in front of a room full of VCs, Angels and Seed Investors.

The event was also attended by two guests of honour: Her Majesty The Queen Máxima and The Vice President of the European Commission, Ms. Neelie Kroes.


In addition to attending the event, Ms Neelie Kroes and Her Majesty The Queen Máxima had a roundtable with the 9 CEOs about entrepreneurship and the role of startups in the digital age.


To see more great Demo Day pictures check the Startupbootcamp Facebook page

This is what Ms. Neelie Kroes, our mentors and investors had to say about Startupbootcamp Demo Day:

We just launched the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Ipad and Iphone app (powered by SBC Alumni, Layergloss). It is for free so go and download it here.

Next Demo Day up in Amsterdam is on January 17th at the ABN AMRO HQ. On that day the Startupbootcamp NFC & ContaclessXL startups will present themselves. If you know any hot startups in the field of Proximity, RFID, Contacless Interactions, NFC etc.. please send them this link They might make it into the final 10 and be on stage on January 17th 2014 for SBC NFC & Contacless Demo Day.


Poikos Moves to the Next Level

December 14, 2012 in News

Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni has Launched their API

We continue to be amazed at both the growth and strategy of Poikos, the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Alumni lead by Eleanor Watson. Today is a big day for them as they launch their API for developers – in fact anyone who wants to tap into their very advanced computer vision technology. In this video Eleanor explains how they have been surprised as the reactions they got from beta launch partners. Eleanor timed the launch for 12:12 UTC today. Which is when this blogpost should launch too.


Eleanor Watson – The next phase for Poikos begins December 12th at 12.12.12 UTC from Jonathan Marks on Vimeo.

I’M HUNGRY, 100 Basics to Startup & Accelerate A Successful Company

November 27, 2012 in News

What are Startupbootcamp co-founders, Ruud Hendriks and Patrick de Zeeuw, currently, next to searching & selecting great startups for Startupbootcamp Amsterdam 2013, working on?

Longtime friends and business partners, Ruud and Patrick have recently decided to take their wide experience of setting up and accelerating companies from around the world and put it into a book. I’M HUNGRY, 100 Basics to Startup & Accelerate A Successful Company explains all about setting up and accelerating successful companies in the digital age.

Stay tuned for its release in English and Dutch in March 2013!

Steve Blank Keynote Speech

November 27, 2012 in News, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

Steve Blank gave the keynote presentation at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam Demo Day in July 2012. Check out what he thinks about Startupbootcamp and learn what investors are really looking for in a successful start-ups. The Startupbootcamp program uses many of the techniques of customer discovery that Steve describes.

Startupbootcamp follows the lean start up method in its accelerator program. For more details, we recommend you watch the new series of free video classes from Steve Blank that have been launched by Udacity. Steve explains the fundamental difference between start-ups and large enterprises.

APPLY NOW to Europe’s top flight accelerator program by clicking this link. Good luck!

#SBCDemoDay Amsterdam 2012

November 27, 2012 in News, Startupbootcamp Amsterdam


After an intense period of 3 months, Demo Day was the highlight of the Startupbootcamp Amsterdam program. The event took place in the financial center of the ABN AMRO HQ. on Friday July 6 and was completely sold out with over 350 guests.  The ten selected startups were assisted by a variety of high class mentors who offered valuable advice on technology, strategy, finance and communications. Two great opening presentations were held by Han Hanegraaf (ABN AMRO) and Patrick de Zeeuw, SBC Co-Founder, who also shared some mind-blowing facts:

The Amsterdam program made its debut with ten amazing teams from UK, India, USA, India, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Poland. The technologies explored by the teams vary from web analytics in the physical world (Viewsy), to 3D body measurement (Poikos), semantic search and discovery in large data sets (Eigenta), marketplace for the global trade of scrap metal (Scrap Connection), privacy friendly targeting for online and mobile advertising (Localsensor), platform for making iPad and iPhone apps without any technical knowledge (LayerGloss), pay-per-use subscription billing solution (Mipagar), social media monitoring tool (SocialExpress), mobile behavior metrics for in-game advertising (Geosophic), and therapeutical solutions using Kinect game technology (DoctorKinetic).

The audience consisted of world famous angel investors like Bill Morrow (Angels Den) but also representatives of Peak Capital, V-Ventures, Forestventures, BED Investments, VOC Capital Partners and countless others. Moreover, a keynote speech was delivered by Steve Blank, a retired entrepreneur, well-published author and university professor, but nonetheless Master of Innovation, according The Harvard Business Review.

As a result of their intense training, 8 out of the ten teams got funding within 3 months of Demo Day, total valuation at the start of November 2012 being over 20 million Euro. Also, Eberhard van der Laan – Mayor of Amsterdam – personally congratulated the teams and pointed out the value of Amstedam as a great startup city.

Congratulations everyone and a great big THANK YOU!!

When are you ready for your own startup?

November 22, 2012 in News

Patrick de Zeeuw talks about the difficulties faced by many entrepreneurs via

Many startups are formed by young, driven and tech savvy entrepreneurs. They dream of transforming their idea into a product that will conquer and change the world.
The startups go from an idea to a product into a company. Each of these different phases bring along their own challenges. Often the founders of a startup simply do not have the knowledge, experience or the right business sense to transform their product into a real company structure, the (growth) phases. To actually build up a company you need to be able to be well up to speed with a large number of business aspects.

Recent research showed that the most successful founders of tech startups are around 29 years old, with a business background and have some years of working experience. Not a very surprising result. You have to have some corporate experience to know how the business rolls, they have made mistakes and celebrated successes. This is important for an entrepreneur, to have reasonable sense of business and how things can go.

There are a number of years that we can define as a sweet spot where startup founders are ready to successfully start a business. We believe this sweet spot is somewhere between 28 and 35 years old, but we like to challenge anyone outside of this category to prove we are wrong!

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